Rise of Aakshauhini

How the concept of Aakshauhini rised

While working on own concepts, we crafted ideas & base for few apps; then we named it as Aakshauhini, which represents multiple layers and horizons of our idea in one frame. Inspired from rich history of Ancient India. Aakshauhini is working similary as a toughest formation of warriors who are capable of making any kind of sofwares and digital products.

Aakshauhini's Journey


Aakshauhini started its journey

During mid of August 2020 concept of Aakshauhini originated in a space, aimed to develop an organization, with a thought to create the best in-house solutions, softwares & services.

Aakshauhini registered in MSME India

In April 2021 Aakshauhini made registration in Government Schemes - UDYAM REGISTRATION. Also in parallel worked on Branding and Marketing on in-house products RentPeLelo, Force Framework (opensoure) addition to our outsourced solutions, services and clients.

Aakshauhini invested on apps

In April 2022, Aakshauhini started investing on the applications. Team Aakshauhini launched few applications which are not just applications but also the ultities, saving the time of end-users and making it simple.

Aakshauhini registered as Pvt. Ltd.

In April 2023 Aakshauhini came with a legal identity as Aakshauhini Interactive Pvt. Ltd. and started working on the migration of in-house product RentPeLelo (from old technology to new generation technology) and developed DeliZeal (Cafe Order Management & Delivery App).

Aakshauhini: Name you can trust upon

Aakshauhini Interactive Private Limited is a digital age organization derived from Sanskrit word अक्षौहिणी (akṣauhiṇī). Inspired from history of Ancient India. Aakshauhini is working similary as a toughest formation of warriors who are capable of making any kind of sofwares and digital products. Engineers at Aakshauhini are best of our expertise and trade. Engineers at Aakshauhini describes the Power, Strength, Energy & Quality.

Aakshauhini; Team a Aakshauhini works with coordination and we have a great portfolio and versatile expertise; We can build a digital product for you from scratch idea. Aakshauhini have crafted more than 10 products of enterprise level and powering few inhouse applications.

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Platforms & Products

Team Aakshauhini have worked on number of Platforms and Products for clients, in-house products, opensource contributions and continuously working on it. Whether it is Product Design (Digital/Physical), Front-end Development/Design, Back-end Development, Services or Consultancy. We work on wide range of Platforms & Products.

Team Aakshauhini have crafted few of products, on which team is proud of; and
"Bridging the gap between Human & Internet"

Ideas & Reality

Team Aakshauhini is appreciated by its clients for its quality and dedication. We have converted Ideas of our clients to Reality with the best design, technology stack, support, consultancy and guidence. We understand your ideas, dig on them, research on your competitors, draft the best solution as per market and handover the powerful & well built product. Our clients always recommend us and this is how the Aakshauhini is growing.

Human & Internet

Team Aakshauhini have built the software solutions which are a best in Human & Internet. We research on very minute details, such that what we are developing is going to be best solution. Whether it is Web, Mobile or Wearable device, we make it best.


India's Rental Platform

RentPeLelo is a step towards Digital India. RentPeLelo is a leading rental open platform where a rental business can post & user can find rental deals. RentPeLelo provide a platform where you can rent life's essentials. RentPeLelo aim to offer a comprehensive online rental solution for all types of necessities. RentPeLelo is transforming offline traditional renting to digital ways.

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Cafe Order Management & Delivery App

DeliZeal is innovative corporate cafeteria food ordering application! We understand that in the fast-paced corporate world, time is of the essence, and convenience is key. That's why we've designed this application specifically for corporate world and their employees who deserve a hassle-free and efficient way to order delicious meals at their workplace.

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Aakshauhini is one-stop solution for businesses; If looking for Desing, Development, Marketing, Digital Services or Consultancy. Connect with us.

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